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P1290 Polyethylene Glycol 8000

Grade: USP/NF
Synonyms: PEG 8000, Polyethylene Oxide, Carbowax™
CAS# 25322-68-3
Formula: HO-[CH2CH2O]n-H
DOT Shipping: Non Regulated

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Acid value, mgKOH/g0.50
APHA Color, 25% aqueous solution, 25 C30
Average molecular weight, g/mol9000
Completeness and color of solutionsPass
Dioane, ppm1
Ethylene Oxide, ppm1
Hydroxyl value, mgKOH/g16.0
pH, 5% wt/v aqueous solution, 25 C7.5
Sulfated ashes, wt%0.10
Viscosity, 98.9C +/- 0.3 C, cSt900
Water, wt%1.0